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Arts & Sciences
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Welcome to the College of Arts & Sciences Accolades Website

These pages are dedicated to our world-class faculty and students and we congratulate them on their numerous awards received throughout the years.

Awards highlighted on this site include

  • Thomas W. Briggs Excellence in Teaching Awards
  • Alumni Association Awards for Distinguished Research and Creative Achievement (formerly: Distinguished Research Award)
  • A & S - Chairs of Excellence
  • College of Arts and Sciences Award for Teaching Excellence
  • Dean's Award for Advising Excellence
  • Distinguished Research Award
  • Distinguished Teaching Award
  • Dunavant University Professorships - A & S
  • Early Career Research Award
  • Eminent Faculty Award
  • Excellence in Engaged Scholarship
  • Graduate Assistant Meritorious Teaching Award
  • Meritorious Faculty Award
  • New Faculty Research Initiation Awards
  • UMS Walter A. Barret Distinguished Service Award
  • UMS Educator of the Year Award
  • W. Russell Smith Teaching Award

Research, Grants and Funding highlighed on this site

  • Academic Enrichment
  • Travel Enrichment Funds Application (Formerly Donovan Travel Enrichment Funds)
  • Faculty Research Grant
  • Professional Development Assignments
  • Public Service Funds

The countless hours spent on research, engaged scholarship, teaching, advising, presenting, and other academic endeavors help to make the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Memphis an outstanding academic institution.

The links to the left will direct you to pages that present CAS faculty and student award winners from the University of Memphis and the College of Arts and Sciences. Be sure and visit the Arts & Sciences website for more information and requirements for specific awards.

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