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University District Enhancement: Safety

Highland-Walker business area stakeholders in partnership with The University of Memphis' Center for Community Criminology and Research are working to analyze public safety data to identify and prioritize opportunities to enhance safety in the University District's Highland-Walker business area, identify relevant best practices, and gain advice on implementation of appropriate responses.

University Neighborhood Partnership

The University Neighborhood Partnership is a collaboration between The University of Memphis, neighborhood groups, and public and private entities that supports economic and social development in the University District. The University of Memphis is proud to sponsor this website.

University District, Inc.

University District, Inc. (UDI) is a 501(c)3 created to represent the mutual interests of a variety of neighborhood groups in the University District. more info on UDI

University Neighborhood Development Corporation

The University Neighborhood Development Corporation (UNDC) is a 501(c)3 development corporation created to guide and assist in the revitalization, renewal and positive growth of the University District. more info on UNDC

University District Business Alliance (UDBA)

Supporting local business owners is the University District Business Alliance. This organization has the motto "Shop the University District First." more info on UDBA

Highland Area Renewal Corporation (HARC)

HARC is a Tennessee-chartered, 501(c)3 non-profit corporation centering on betterment of the social, educational, cultural and recreational life of the neighborhoods contiguous to Highland Street, Memphis, and the University of Memphis from I-240 on the south to Macon Road on the north.  more info on HARC

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Click on the title above to find a wealth of information about the University Neighborhood's comprehensive planning process.

CPTED Initiative for the University Neighborhood
Click on the title above to learn more about the University Neighborhood's innovative crime prevention effort--the CPTED Initiative.

Open for Business: The University Neighborhood Development Corporation
This Business Perspectives Summer 2007 article explores the role of the UNDC in revitalizing our community.  read more...


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