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What is NBIPINC? It's a very useful Banner form that is not on the reference cards you received during training. Go to NBIPINC, put in a group position number (GA's, part-timer instructors, student workers), and hit the Next Block icon. You will see a list of everyone who has been in that position (since conversion) and their current status: active or inactive. This will help you know that you are paying only the people you hired. If you see a stranger's name on the list, something is wrong!



Use NHIDIST to see who your department (or grant) has paid and how much.

  1. Open NHIDIST
  2. Skip the Finance Document Number field.
  3. Enter your department’s (or grant’s) index number.
  4. Select a From Date and a To Date, for example: 01-OCT-2006 and 31-OCT-2006.
  5. Hit Next Block.
  6. Hit F8.

You should see a complete list of people paid on your department’s index for that time period. A single person may have multiple entries in a month. This can be the result of multiple payrolls for bi-weekly employees and/or multiple earn codes for a single person. For example: a 9-month faculty will have multiple earn codes every payroll due to deferral pay. All full-time, regular employees had an extra earn code in October due to the one-time bonus.

Project End Date

 The project end date on a grant is very important. The new system will not allow an employee to be paid beyond the project end date. If you have a grant that will be renewed but there will a lag time between the end date of the initial grant and receiving the final contract for the renewal, apply for your Advance Account as soon as possible. Otherwise your employees could miss a paycheck. Project end dates are shown on the FRAGRNT form.

If you have a grant employee who is accruing leave and will not be staying on the payroll beyond the grant period (i.e. transferring to another grant), that employee must use the leave during his/her employment period on the grant. Check your grant accounts now to make certain none are over budget. Grants Accounting will begin calling offenders very soon.


Banner Budget Salary Report

We are pleased to announce that a new Banner budget/salary report, NYBR002 Positions by ORG with FOAPAL, has been developed and is now available in e-print under the Banner HRS repository.

This report is sorted by ORG, Fund, Prog and lists regular/pooled positions, position titles, base budget, & employees assigned to positions, (will populate unfilled instead of the employee�s name if no one is assigned to a position).

The report will be updated and distributed via e-print on a monthly basis. Please inform your Faculty and Staff that this report is now available. Please contact me if you have questions.

submitted by: Deborah Becker


Be sure to put Index numbers on extra compensation forms. Payroll is having a difficult time processing extra comp forms with errors in the FOAP. If the index is on the form, it is easy to verify the FOAP.

When tidying up your accounts, remember to move money between pools but not between line items within a pool. For example: Move money from travel to operating, but not from in-state travel to out-of-state travel. Deficits within pools don?t matter as long as the pool balance is positive.


Use FGIBAVL if you are trying to enter a travel or purchase requisition and are unable to get it accepted even though your balance available appears to be sufficient. You may have other travel or purchase requisitions that are being routed for approvals but aren’t showing up as encumbrances in SSB yet. FGIBAVL will show you the real balance available.

  1. Open FGIBAVL
  2. Enter your department’s index
  3. Enter an Account Type (try 74000 for practice)
  4. Hit Next Block

You should see your balance for that account type. This is also much quicker than using INB to check the balance on a particular account type.

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