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North American Research and Action Network (NARAN)

This website is designed as an area for sharing information about NARAN and the Interstate 69 Project.

The North American Research and Action Network (NARAN) is a transnational network of scholars promoting research, teaching, and civic engagement on cross-border issues and fair trade within North America.

The Interstate Highway 69 (I-69) Project falls under the umbrella of NARAN and is part of the legacy of NAFTA. Interstate 69 stretches from Toronto, Canada to Monterrey, Mexico. It winds through seven U.S. states along the way: Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Texas, and is expected to bring rapid development and numerous unknown impacts on the surrounding areas.

There is a great deal of information concerning NARAN and the I-69 Project. A major goal of this website is to foster knowledge about the linking of local developments to global dynamics. Through this sharing of information, we hope to spark interest in citizen-driven interventions to shape public policy.

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