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Future Projects

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Community Education:  Zoning and Ordinances

Many residents could benefit from a seminar or community education program that helps them to develop an understanding of the zoning and ordinances that affect their properties and the properties surrounding them.   Such information would be especially valuable for residents as redevelopment efforts move forward.

Comprehensive Neighborhood Enhancement Plans

Design plans including information ranging from design characteristics to landscaping guidelines for commercial and residential properties could be developed for each neighborhood to give the University District a more unified appearance.  (Cynthia Magallon, Normal Station Neighborhood Association).

Planning for Traffic Calming Devices for Neighborhood Streets

The University Neighborhood Development Corporation (UNDC) is interested in learning more about how traffic calming devices could be effectively used to improve the safety of streets throughout the University Neighborhoods.  Please contact the UNDC for more information.

Improved Communications and Public Relations for Neighborhood Organizations

Many of the University Neighborhoods community organizations are interested in improving their communications with neighborhood residents and the Memphis community.  They are also interested in improving their public relations skills and invite anyone interested in getting involved in such a project to contact the UNDC.

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